Commonly Asked Questions

1. I am male, can I be an Exhibitor? 

Absolutely! We may be a show for Women, but we don't discriminate- men are absolutely welcomed and approximately 20-40% of our Exhibitors are male. 

2. How many people do you estimate through the doors? 

We don't make estimations- or guestimations. We simply can't because we just don't know. We do everything humanly possible to get as many people through the door as possible. Our marketing campaign is HUGE! We do TV, Radio, Print, Signs and letterbox drops as a minimum at all our shows. You will also often find us out there- no matter the weather, door knocking posters, hanging banners and more (We are dedicated to doing this ourselves to keep costs for you low). We have our goals for number of people through the door for each show- but whether this is achieved depends on so many variables including weather and more. We have a strong following of Exhibitors as we consistently get quality people through the door. Remember quality of people is very important. NB: We had 1200 through Shepparton, and 900 through Toowoomba in our first year. Albury-Wodonga show in April 2017 brought through 1400 patrons. 

3. Can you guarantee the number of people through the show? Can I guarantee my sales/site fee back?

No, as mentioned above we cannot. We also cannot guarantee sales or site fee's back from each show - because how you run your business and your success is up to you. How you pitch to members of the public, how you sell your product, and the attitude (positive or negative) you show to members of the public is up to you. We simply cannot control how your business succeeds or runs. We will guarantee you will get something of value from each show, and we will guarantee your site fee contributes to a huge marketing budget. A testament to the success of Exhibitors within our shows, is our strong following- just from our first year alone. We appreciate you contributing to the community by advertising yourself being there on your website and social media page. 

4. Why are your site fee's more than my local market?

Market's don't generally do TV advertising, Radio advertising and more - especially to the extent we do it. On average we spend $25,000 a show marketing the event. Markets are often outside and at risk to the elements. Market's do not hire the specialised venue we hire. Your market may run weekly, quarterly, or monthly and have the volume of customers from that. Your market doesn't get a specialised target audience through the doors. Your market doesn't offer long-term, and extended advertising opportunities including seminars, classes and showbags. 

5. What does your marketing campaign consist of? 

It can be a mixture (or all of) print advertising (magazines, newspaper, coffee shop papers, editorials), posters (supermarket, retail businesses, service businesses, hospitals), TV advertising (Channel 9, 7, WIN and News), Social Media (exhibitor social media, our social media, sponsors social media), exclusives from online websites, radio, features on event pages online, letterbox flyer drops (over 20k+ homes usually!), banners, posters and billboards around town and so much more.

6. How does the show typically run?

In a three day show, bump in (Set up) is on Thursday from 3pm-6pm, alternatively, or as well you can come in from 8am on Friday. You must be ready to go by 9.50am on Friday morning. Friday is typically steady but not as busy as Saturday and Sundays. The show continues on, we often put up specials that you may offer during the show on social media throughout the show, and finally on Sunday at 4pm we start packing up. 

The two day show is the same however set up is on Friday rather than Thursday, 1pm-6pm or Saturday morning. 

7. Can we hire furniture for my site through you?

We are in the process of organising this at the moment, we do have trestle tables for hire - and if you are interested in this please note it on your application form.

8. What are the walls made of if we opt for walls? 

Our walling system is 'Pipe and Drape'. We use a metal framing system with heavy base plates which hold up a velvet stage curtain. You are welcome to pin things to this stage curtain, and velcro tabs do work - however we think safety pins are better. You are welcome to hang banners etc, we just ask you be careful with distribution of weight on these walls, for structural safety, and to not hang more than 3-5kg on the walls.

9. Can I exhibit for just one day?

Unfortunately not, we require Exhibitors to be there for the entire three day (or two day, Canberra) show.

10. I have a party to go to, Can I pack up early?

Unfortunately not. You must have someone minding your site at all times, and your site must be filled until close of day on Sunday. Packing up prior to this can mean you miss out on sales opportunities, and also sets a precedent where everyone else starts to pack up affecting the viability of the show for the other exhibitors around you. 



STEP ONE: Read all the terms and conditions, information on being an exhibitor, decide whether you want walls, or no walls, and decide on the size of space you need.

STEP TWO: Apply for a site! Within 72 hours you should receive a response.

STEP THREE: You will be invoiced if you are successful, and brief details will be emailed to you.

STEP FOUR: Pay a 50% deposit (unless we are within 60 days of the show - in which case 100% of the site fees are due)

STEP FIVE: Further Indepth Information will be emailed to you approximately 60 days before the show commences. At this point, you send us further details of any seminars/classes you wish to host. At 60 days before the show starts, the site fees are due in full.

STEP SIX: The day before the show is set up for the show, usually from 1pm onwards. You are also welcome to set up on the day of the show first thing in the morning from 8am.

The show commences!