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ULTIMATE WOMEN’S WEEKEND LIFESTYLE AND WELLBEING EXPO, is an social enterprise which travels around Australia, empowering women, allowing them a chance to take some time for themselves, supporting businesses and also educating the community about Domestic Violence through an Exhibition Medium. The Expo showcases 40-130 small to medium sized businesses from a huge range of industries including mind, body, spirit, craft, skincare, makeup, health, fitness, fashion, home, children and more. Each Exhibitor offers something interactive on their sites for people to see, do and try. We travel to both cities and country towns, and hosted 3 shows in 2016, 4 shows in 2017 and have a jam-packed schedule for 2018!

The Exhibition during the planning stages found a bigger reason to exist. We were shocked by statistics on family violence in Australia which include one in three women experiencing Physical violence since the age of 15, and one in four experiencing Emotional abuse, and reality hit that a third of the women who attend our show have experienced this. 

We realised we could do something bigger to make a difference to the community, and make a significant change.  As a social enterprise, we operate as a private company but pledge to donate 100% of our profits to Domestic Violence charities in each town we visit. Running the organisation as a social enterprise, gives us flexibility with who we donate to (a charity in each town that we visit rather than one national charity), and it also allows us to ensure the funds go to expert not-for-profits who will use the funding not for administration costs, but for the reason that we donate! We remain transparent and share a vision of making the world, and the communities that we live in, a much better place. 

The Ultimate Goal of the show is to combat Domestic Violence through education and giving women the strength to make positive changes to their lives. We have the ability to bring women together each show to make a difference, to give women the strength to leave dangerous situations, to support Shelters who are so valuable and yet so low on resources.

The first show was held in August 2016 in Ballarat, VIC, followed a week later by a second show in Shepparton, VIC. The 2016 Ultimate Women's Weekend show season ended in October 2016 in Toowoomba, QLD. 2017 brought along four shows, Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Wagga and Canberra. 2018 will recommence with six shows, starting with Albury-Wodonga in April 2018.

Ultimate Women's Weekend is designed for Women, but we do not discriminate, and Men are ABSOLUTELY welcome to come along and enjoy the show as well! 


To empower, support and believe in all women, whilst making an impact and educating everyone on Domestic Violence.


To make a difference to Women's lives, through events - and create a fun, empowering experience for all, alongside supporting small to medium sized businesses to reach their business goals,
To educate, openly discuss, and give strength to sufferers of Domestic Violence.

  • Community - We pledge to give qualitative and quantitative support to charities in each town that we visit.
  • Family Values - We treat you like family
  • Experiences, Not simply Exhibit
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Value for Money

Our Team

Penny O'Sullivan

Event Coordinator

Bec Carey

Event Coordinator

Karen McStay

Event Coordinator

Sarah Felekedis

Events and Admin Assistant

Bianca Cooper

Events and Admin Assistant
& Exhibition Assistant

Sean Hay

Haze DJ Entertainment

Toni Matthews


Simon McLean

Finance Officer
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