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ORGANISER means EXPONENTIAL EVENTS PTY LTD TRADING AS 'ULTIMATE WOMENS WEEKEND’ & ‘ALL ABOUT YOU EXPO’ (ACN 613 948 235) and / or their agents & Staff. EXHIBITOR SITES. BOOTHS, STANDS, and / or SITE SPACE: means the area allocated to the exhibitor within the venue, for the duration of the event.

1. The exhibitor shall be liable for any wall, floor, ceiling or glass damage caused by moving to and from their allocated site with any goods or exhibits.

2. The Organiser shall not be liable for damage to exhibitors wares or exhibits caused by theft, fire, loss, water, electrical faults, strikes, storms or interference by any person or other cause whatsoever.

3. The Organiser shall not be liable to the Exhibitor for any expenses, damages or losses the Exhibitor may incur as a result of the event being cancelled or postponed.

4. The Exhibitor agrees to use and occupy space at the risk of the Exhibitor and releases the Organiser to the full extent of the law from all claims and demands of any kind; from all liability arising from any damage or accident to property, or injury to any person in the Exhibitor’s allocated space. The Exhibitor indemnifies the Organiser and / or their agents and staff from and against all, actions, claims, demands, loss, damage, fines, costs and expenses included by the Organiser and / or their agents and staff or for which the Organiser and /or their agents and staff may become liable with respect to the Exhibitor’s allocated space.

5. The Exhibitor is responsible for the delivery and setting up of their exhibits and removal of all his/her own displays and materials, except items hired from Exponential Events Pty Ltd.

6. The Exhibitor must have occupied his/her stand by the allocated set up time on set-up day. In the event of a late arrival due to mitigating circumstances Exponential Events organisers must be notified 24 hours in advance. Exponential Events organisers reserve the right to dismantle or reallocate a stand where a site is vacant on show days.

7. The Exhibitor must maintain his/her supply of stock throughout the event and use ‘sold’ stickers if his/ her display is in danger of becoming depleted of stock.

8. The Exhibitor is responsible for keeping their stand clean and tidy during the event, including removing rubbish while setting up and packing up your display.

9. Stand must be completely set up by the end of set up day with absolutely no setting up on show days. Your stand must be opened and staffed during all show hours.

10. Packing up may not begin until after the show/event has closed on the last day. 

11. The Exhibitor must keep his/her display, advertising and serving areas completely within the confines of his/her stand. There is to be no encroaching into the aisles.

12. Apart from price signs,all other signs must be professionally made. The selling of ‘seconds’ are not allowed as they detract from the overall quality of the event.

13. No pets or radios are allowed at the show.

14. No Public Address systems are to be used by Exhibitors without the Organiser’s consent. Strong smells such as massage oils or aromatherapy burners must be approved by the organisers, and if they cause complaint or issues during the show, may be required to be removed. 

15. The Organiser’s shall not be held liable for any injury to the Exhibitors or his/her helpers, or for any loss or damage to the Exhibitor’s wares or personal property. Insurance against these is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor at his/her own cost.

16. The Exhibitor indemnifies and will keep indemnified and holds harmless the Organiser from and against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, losses, damages and expenses whatsoever nature and howsoever occurring (and whether arising from the negligence of the Exhibitor or any employee, servant or agent of the Exhibitor) brought against or made upon the Organiser by any other person or entity to which the Exhibitor may pay, suffer or sustain arising directly or indirectly from the entry to the use of or the attendance upon the premises by the Exhibitor for the purpose of exhibiting its products

17. The Exhibitor hereby releases and discharges the Organiser from any such actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, losses, damages, and expenses which but for provisions here of might be brought against or made upon the Organiser.

18. The Exhibitor agrees that no claim or proceeding whatsoever will be instituted or permitted to be instituted by the Exhibitor against the Organiser.

19. The Organisers shall not be held liable to perform or fulfil its contractual obligations due to any cause beyond their control, including, but not limited to acts of God, fire, flood, war, public disaster, industrial dispute or Government enactment.

20. The Organisers reserve the right at all times to cancel their contractor/s; to remove any exhibits, stand or Exhibitor from any of their shows, exhibitions or events at any time.

21. Payment by cheques will incur a $5 processing fee, as will payment by a cheque that does not clear. Payments by American Express or Diners are not accepted.

22. Invoices and written commitments are equivalent to contracts, as well as signed application forms, and will be treated as such.

23. The Exhibitor shall take out Public Liability Insurance with a limit of liability of no less than $10 million and be able to show proof of such insurance cover to the Organiser before occupying a site. A Public Liability Waver Form must be signed if a Public Liability Insurance Certificate is not given to organisers.

24. The Exhibitor must comply with all current Workplace Health and Safety standards and must comply with all laws covering the display of/or sale of all goods. Food & Alcohol Safety is the Exhibitors responsibility, and a copy of the Food & Alcohol Registration must be provided to the organisers. High Visibility Vests must be worn on bump-in & out. 

25. The exhibitor must pay 50% deposit for each show at time of booking. Deposits are non refundable and non-transferable. In the event that a site is agreed to (and the Exhibitor pulls out within 60 days) the Exhibitor is liable for full site fees if the site remains unsold by the time of the event. 

26.. The Exhibitor will finalise all monies owing sixty (60) days prior to the commencement of the show. Prompt payment is required. Failure to do this will result in a late payment fee of $35.00 (see item 31.). Failure to pay in full for your site will result in monies owing being referred to a debt collection agency.

27. The Exhibitor understands they are not promised sales, or a certain number of attendees to the show, due to all these resulting from other variables outside Exponential Events Pty Ltd’s control including the Exhibitors own business and sales strategies. 

28. Exhibitors will not be permitted to occupy their site unless they have fulfilled all payment conditions and provided all documentation required as outlined in the Exhibitors pack.

29. Only cancellations provided in writing will be accepted. Deposits paid for a cancelled event will not be refunded. Deposit or monies outlaid for one event will not be transferred to another event upon Cancellation. Cancellations incur a $100 fee per show. Exhibitors who cancel less than 60 days prior to an event will be liable for the site fee in full. Failure to pay this will result in a debt collection agency being engaged. The only exception is if the original Exhibitor finds a replacement approved by Ultimate Women’s Weekend. The Cancellation fee still stands in this case.

30. Payment not made in full within 60 days of the show will incur a late payment reminder, and then if not paid, a late payment fee of $35.00. Cancellations within this time will result in the Exhibitor being liable for the full site fees, unless the site is able to be filled by another replacement organisation. If by the show no Exhibitor monies have been paid, a final request for funds will be issued, and if not transferred within 7 days, they will be referred to a debt collection agency.

31. A pre-authorised bond will be taken in the month before the show. All Exhibitors must pre-authorise a maximum of $300 being taken on their credit card. There are incidentals for the following:
Event Furniture Hire Damage (Cost determined by cost of repair or replacement of damage)
Leaving the show, and packing up early $80
Rubbish Removal $30

32. All decisions are final and are at the discretion of Ultimate Womens Weekend organisers. 

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